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Why Rent

  • Rental may be the perfect solution for swing space during an office renovation
  • Short-term staffing additions, temporary workspaces, new task force
  • Lead time for new furniture
  • Start-up business ventures
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Departmental expansion
  • Special event or conference
  • Disaster relief

Benefits of Renting from OfficeScapes

Operational Flexibility:  Furniture assets can be adjusted according to actual need, conserving capital and improving cash flow

Efficient Management of Assets:  Reduce storage space and employee cost of managing assets.

Allocation of Capital for ROI: Reallocate the capital used to purchase furniture into other business initiatives that provide a better return on investment

Speed: Quick turnaround to meet your needs

Depth: Ability to provide solutions from one office suite to 100+ workstations

Services: Availability of professional space planning, design, project management, delivery and installation services

Focus: Dedicated experts that focus solely on rental solutions


Rental Programs Rental Services
Short term Design
Long term Layout
Convention/hospitality On-site consultation
Ownership options Field verification
Flexible terms Professional delivery/pickup

Check out some of our rental inventory:

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