The TARRA project was an exciting endeavor that aimed to create an extraordinary and inclusive workspace for women, women-identified, non-binary individuals, and their male allies. Collaborating with the renowned design firm ORA and the esteemed architect firm Gensler, as well as our partner studios manufactured construction and Hatch38, we embarked on a mission to transform their vision into a reality. Our team was tasked with designing not just one, but two distinct spaces within TARRA: TARRA Work Club and TARRA Office. The spaces needed to provide comprehensive support for a range of tasks while maintaining an atmosphere of sophistication and practicality.

TARRA Work Club was envisioned as a boutique space that offers community members a luxurious yet functional area to work remotely, network, and host small events. Our focus was on creating a warm and welcoming ambiance that would inspire productivity and foster connections among individuals. On the other hand, the mission of TARRA Office was to be a vibrant and well-equipped workspace, encompassing 33 private offices, open areas, and conference rooms. Our challenge was to meticulously curate and integrate the ideal blend of amenities, state-of-the-art technology, and flexible workspaces that would cater to the diverse requirements of the members, fostering both productivity and creative inspiration.

Throughout the design process, we worked closely with Kate Bailey, the visionary founder of TARRA, who expressed her desire to source products from women-owned businesses. This presented us with a remarkable opportunity to collaborate with MEEK Vintage, a local woman-owned thrift store. Embracing Kate’s vision, our ancillary designer Maddie Mulhern, worked closely with MEEK Vintage to acquire custom and unique pieces of art and décor that added a distinctive touch. Despite working with a limited budget, Maddie’s expertise and creativity shone through as she not only matched but surpassed the design intent by elevating the overall aesthetic of TARRA.

The result was truly exceptional—a workspace that flawlessly blends form, function, and intention. TARRA has become a haven where members can take immense pride in their work and collaborate on meaningful projects. It strikes the perfect balance between sophistication, timeless design, and practicality, providing a sanctuary that encouraged productivity and fostered deep connections among its members.

The TARRA project was a remarkable collaborative effort, bringing together a diverse group of experts to create two distinct spaces that catered to the unique needs of women, women-identified, non-binary individuals, and their allies. By seamlessly integrating design, practicality, and the inclusion of custom art and décor from women-owned businesses, TARRA has emerged as an extraordinary workspace oasis. It has swiftly become a place where productivity thrives, connections are forged, and members embark on their professional journeys!