New names unveiled for OfficeScapes (Slate) and Manufactured Construction (Constructive)

DENVER – (September 5, 2023) –A year after the monumental merger was announced of Denver-based Elements, an integrated interiors partner focused on human-centered design and placemaking, with Colorado’s leading furnishings solution partner OfficeScapes and commercial flooring specialist Floorz, today announces the next chapter of the merger to include a new brand and business strategy centered on the client experience.

The comprehensive interior solutions company will be structured with Elements as the parent company and five studios under the umbrella. The five studios of Elements are: Slate (formerly OfficeScapes), Constructive (formerly Manufactured Construction), Floorz, 3D Identity, environmental graphic design specialists, and PeopleLab, workplace strategy and consultants.

A year of in-depth market research with external and internal stakeholders revealed key insights that were used as the foundation for the new brand architecture, including a desire for customers to feel like they are working with one company without compromising the expertise found within each studio. As a result, the new brand architecture is built on the depth of experience, insight, and diversity of talent found with the people that work at Elements.

“We know our clients benefit when we take a holistic approach to creating inspiring space, focusing on people, place, and the built environment,” said Traci Lounsbury, CEO of Elements. “But there are times when each studio needs to operate and conduct business on its own. This structure will provide maximum flexibility for each studio to stand on its merit as an Elements studio and leverage its collective capabilities as part of the holistic entity.”

Today’s announcement also includes new names for two of Element’s studios. After 29 years operating under the name OfficeScapes, the Front Range market leader has changed its business name to Slate. Manufactured Construction, the region’s largest prefabricated construction partner, has changed its business name to Constructive.

“We brought the two leading furniture dealerships in the region together, and we created something new. We wanted a name that unified the new organization that came out of it,” said Marci Auston, President of Slate. “We’re looking toward the future and love the idea of starting with a clean slate.”

The evolution of OfficeScapes to Slate also reflects the organizations market leadership beyond the workplace, with clients across all sectors including education, government, hospitality, sports and leisure, life sciences, and the largest dedicated healthcare team in Colorado supporting all but one major hospital system in the state.

Slate has led the region in commercial furniture offerings since 1998 and has been in operation since 1951. The Elements studio is based in Denver with an additional location in Fort Collins and remains the exclusive Steelcase provider in Colorado and Wyoming. Steelcase designs, manufacturers, and partners with other leading organizations to provide architecture, furniture, and technology solutions to companies around the world, helping them create places that help people work better.

Constructive is a premier, interior prefabricated construction consultant and integrator that is aligned with the most innovative product suppliers in the world. Founded in 2008 as an Elements studio, the group has grown to be the largest prefabricated construction partner in the region, and one of the top national suppliers of FalkBuilt, fast and efficient manufacturer utilizing digital component construction, and DIRTT, a global leader in industrial construction.

“The name Constructive represents the next chapter for our studio and clients,” said Cody Roberdeau, President of Constructive. “We will continue to deliver solutions that advance and solve construction industry challenges in a more comprehensive way than ever before.” In addition to prefabricated construction products, Constructive offers window coverings, access flooring, timber structures, and acoustic solutions for the built environment.

The studios of Element’s bring storytelling to the built environment through thoughtful design, consulting, furnishings, and construction with a focus on creating memorable experiences for all clients and partners. For more information on all studios and the company’s capabilities, please visit

About Elements

Elements is a recognized leader in next-generation commercial interiors, completing major projects for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients, as well as small businesses. The studios of Elements, through a human-centered approach, bring storytelling to the built environment through thoughtful design, consulting, furnishings, and construction because people need inspirational places to be their best. This holistic approach to the built environment creates a seamless experience and exceptional results for customers.

About Slate

Slate, formerly OfficeScapes, is the leader in the Colorado furnishings market and an Elements studio. They deliver future-focused workplace solutions that engage people and empower organizations by connecting insights to applications with their industry-leading furniture portfolio.

About Constructive

Constructive, formerly Manufactured Construction, is the region’s largest prefabricated construction partner and Elements studio. Their team of licensed architects, interior designers, and certified project managers are passionate about solving industry challenges while advancing the construction process through their building methodology.