OfficeScapes is now Slate

PHASE TWO OF THE MONUMENTAL MERGER BETWEEN OFFICESCAPES, FLOORZ AND ELEMENTS INCLUDES A NEW BUSINESS STRUCTURE THAT PRIORITIZES THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE New names unveiled for OfficeScapes (Slate) and Manufactured Construction (Constructive) DENVER – (September 5, 2023) –A year after the monumental merger was announced of Denver-based Elements, an integrated interiors partner focused on human-centered design…

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Dig Into The Season // SPRING 2022

P r o d u c t s   p i c t u r e d   a b o v e   i n c l u d e :  Stylex Underline Designtex Hillside Carl Hansen Cuba Chair BluDot Bub Table Lamp Established & Sons Grid Collection Moooi Hubble Bubble Fatboy Thierry Le Swinger Coalesse Marien…

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THIS -or- THAT: Meet Robbie Miller of OfficeScapes

Editor’s Note: THIS -or- THAT posts will introduce you to the Good People who work at OfficeScapes, as well as other people in the Colorado design community.  Robbie Miller Project Manager, Architectural Products and Solutions “I have worked at OfficeScapes for just over a year as of May 1.  My current role is Project Manager for…

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Now, Near, and Next: How to think about the return to work

Turn down the noise on how to return to work with a NOW/NEAR/NEXT mindset. I know I’m adding to the daily, constant noise about how to return to work. Good gravy it’s loud out there, but I’ve found this structured thought process helpful when categorizing the theories circulating in today’s news cycle.   Guess what? We get to go back to the office!   Based on…

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Julie Huckfeldt-min

THIS -or- THAT: Meet Julie Huckfeldt of OfficeScapes

Editor’s Note: This is the first post of many that will introduce you to the Good People who work at OfficeScapes, as well as other people in the Colorado design community.  Julie Huckfeldt Executive Project Manager “I’m the task master brought in to lead our team through large or complex projects. I am very organized by…

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Welcome Image – Final GREEN

Welcome to DIG: Your Source for Design, Inspiration and Good People

I am excited to announce a new OfficeScapes blog: DIG, where I will share my thoughts on:  Design trends and research Inspiration, wherever it can be found, and an opportunity to meet Good people from inside and outside our organization  But first, who am I you ask?   My name’s Tess! I’m a Strategic Solutions Consultant at OfficeScapes and am here to help companies maximize their workspace to support their employees,…

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